Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK (Money MOD)

Ever wondered how it feels to drive public transport? Yes? Then you are one of many. We enjoy watching buses passing by one after the other. The simulator games allow us to experience real-life bus driving. Just like every bus driver, when you play the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod apk, you have to abide by the traffic rules. Moreover, you will feel the thrill of a real-life bus driver. Intricate roads, real-life-like graphics, the sound makes the game a fantastic play. The mod version also has some bonus features discussed below.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia?

As the name suggests, the game is based in Indonesia. The beauty of the Indonesian cities has been put forward astonishingly in this game. The 3D graphics of the roads, traffic signals, mountains, people, houses, stores, etc., is fantastic. You have to take the mantel of a bus driver. You’ll have many busses to drive and most importantly, you have to follow all the traffic rules. One might think that why it is so important in a game?

Well, that is the beauty of the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk. Police officers will take away your driver’s license if you break any traffic law. Furthermore, basic traffic laws like, turning the light when it dark, flashing the indicator light in the correct direction, etc.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK?

The mod version of the apk file will help you in some aspects. You might avoid huge fines but you will get a warning strike from the police for breaking traffic rules. The real-life experience gets better in the mod version. The weather effects feel authentic. Raindrops and sun rays will feel more realistic in Bus Simulator Indonesia apk.

You get premium features from the start. Customizing the interior of your bus is more exciting. You will have better equipment to upgrade your ride. One thing to here is that your device needs to be of high caliber to run this Android application. The stunning 3D graphics can be enjoyed when played with supporting hardware.

Features of Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK

Free In-Game Purchases

When you start playing the Bus Simulator Indonesia, you will notice the huge collection of gears, skins, steering wheel skills, light, etc. Now on the normal version, you have to cough out huge money to obtain these premium upgrades. However, when you install Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk, you get free access to the in-game shop. Thereby, you will not have to spend your real money to get those premium upgrades.

No Ads

Ads are one of the many ways for developers to earn money for themselves. Image ads and video ads are popular among developers. However, we don’t like ads while playing the game. And the mod version does this for you. It comes with ads disabled from the start.

Completely Safe

The game is tested and played by a large number of modders and players. It has been marked completely safe by them. So, you don’t need to worry about anything other than gaming.

No Need to Root

Some application when modified needs special access to some of the features hidden in your smartphone or tablets. To play the game without any error, you might sometimes have to root your device. Rooting your Android device voids your warranty. So, you have to bear huge compensation if anything happens to your mobile device after rooting. However, you don’t need to root your device to play Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod apk.

Experience a Driving Experience Like Never Before

There are many simulator games available in the market which try to give us a real-life experience. Some succeed and some fail miserably. Bus Simulator Indonesia succeeds on that part. We can’t stop praising the excellent graphics it produces. The weather effects feel surprisingly real. Following the basic traffic rule is the simplest rule of the game.

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Final Words

You will surely experience the thrill of riding public transport after playing this game. The game can be fully enjoyed when played on mobile devices containing high-level processors and graphic chipsets. Don’t wait anymore. If you were looking for a real bus simulator coupled with mesmerizing scenery, Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod apk is the right choice. Download now!

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