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Idle Heroes MOD APK Latest Version (Vip Access/All Heroes)

RPG or Role-Playing games are prevalent among the masses. The recent surge of exciting RPG games, such as PUBG, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile, has added to the popularity. These games require high skills and precision to succeed. But what if a user wants to play a simple RPG game? A game with simple menus, straightforward tasks, an uncomplicated way of leveling up, and easy winning. So here with the best idle heroes MOD APK.

Idle Heroes Mod apk ticks all of these boxes. Pro-level skills or controls are not needed to play this game. Guide your troops in battle against enemies, play with your friends, or fight against the world. The game provides many fun and exciting moments.

What is the Idle Heroes game?

Your main objective is to guide heroes to their ultimate destination. But before that, you have to go through a magical yet challenging journey. Throughout the expedition, you will have to protect and train 200 heroes. These heroes are in danger from dark forces.

So, you have to teach them at regular intervals to battle against the dark forces. Your training will determine their skills. You can unleash their destructive powers by correct training. Various types of training unlock different hero traits that are helpful in unfamiliar battle conditions.

What is Idle Heroes Mod APK

One of the most exciting features of Idle Heroes Mod apk is auto-monsters. It automatically completes your predefined training when you are away from the game. So, your heroes never stop getting powerful when you are not playing. Besides, their destructive skill will determine your quest for victory in various gameplay modes. Idle heroes come with many exciting game modes, such as guild, galore, dungeons, mysterious towers, heroic quests, an arena, and many more.

Therefore, you are bound to remain hooked for hours playing this RPG. The Idle Heroes Mod apk is a modified version of the original apk. Thousands of users have shown appreciation for this magical fiesta. The mod version comes with an unlimited amount of money. You can purchase anything from the in-game store without wasting actual money. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the VIP stars, gems, gold, and pre unlocked heroes.

Features of Idle Heroes Mod APK

VIP 13 Free Access

The VIP Badge in Idle Heroes presents you with exciting rewards and advantages within the game. You have to complete a daily mission to get the VIP badge. However, the mod version comes with pre-free VIP status for you. So, concentrate on playing, and nothing else.

Limitless Gems

Gems will help you to buy brand new weapons as well as get free heroes. In the mod version, you will have limitless gems. Get free heroes and embark on a magical journey.

All Heroes Access

You can access all 200 heroes present in the game without any investment. One of the reasons why people love using the mod version is this property. Just select your heroes, upgrade them and use them in battles to win.

No Advertisements

Nobody likes to get interrupted by stupid ads during intense gameplay. Yet, developers of your favorite titles have to show you one because it is one of many ways to earn money. But what if I tell you that you can enjoy Idle Heroes without any silly ads? Yes. You can. The mod version has no ads. So, play as much as you like without any interruption.

No Rooting Required

Many of the mod version of the original game requires you to root your device to play to bypass the security checks at server levels that may block your id permanently. But Idle Heroes Mod apk is safe and doesn’t require device rooting.

How to Download & Install Mod Apk?

If you download and install the mod APK, just follow the steps below, before downloading and installing mod APK, make sure you have enabled the unknown source.

  • Download the modded app from the download link above, you need high-speed internet to download it fast.
  • Uninstall the previous version of the same app if installed.
  • Install the mod APK that we have provided, once installed open and enjoy the free and premium versions.

Explore the World of Magic

Get ready for a magical journey. A roller-coaster ride will test you in every aspect. Idle Heroes Mod apk is an astonishing creation by DHGAMES. Players will enjoy the curious and adventurous journey unfolding after passing each level. Battle with your heroes, train them to make them destructive and discover new lands that hold a new mystery. The character designs and their unique skills will surprise the players most. The gameplay is simple. Rookies can also dive into the game and enjoy it to the fullest. So, download the game and start your magical journey today.


We hope you have successfully downloaded and installed idle heroes MOD APK. And the fun part is that the mod APK which we are sharing with you in this article has the features of Heroes pre, VIP 13 free access, and limitless gems which will help you to get the next level experience with zero effort.

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