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King of Avalon Mod APK v10.8.0 Latest Version (Gold/Money)

There was a time when strategy games were popular. A group of gamers was devoted to this genre only. Age of Empire was one of the best strategy games available on pc. Slowly, the craze of strategy games faded away. However, it is coming back strong. King of Avalon Mod apk is one such charismatic strategy game. However, this game is not limited to strategy. Modern gaming demand has led the developers to mix it with a little bit of action as well. Players will certainly feel the heat playing King of Avalon. The game promises a lot of excitement and demands a newer war strategy to become invincible.

What is King of Avalon?

Modern gamers require appealing strategies that make gamers think before making a move. The King of Avalon mod apk delivers on that part. Available for iOS and Android users, the game requires unique strategies and a lot of patience to become the ultimate ruler. The storyline of the game is incredible. It takes place when King Arthur has died, and there is no true heir to his throne.

Players have to battle it out among themselves to become worthy of Excalibur, a legendary sword that signifies the ability of the throne. Players have to use Dragons and dragons to battle against other oppositions. Slowly and steadily, players have to strengthen and upgrade their kingdom to rule over the world. Players can also join a community of players.

What is King of Avalon Mod APK?

Strategy games involve a lot of thinking. You have to carve out plans that will succeed you on the battlefield. For doing that, you need proper resources. The King of Avalon includes a lot of addons that will help you to rule over a kingdom. But a constant upgrade of those resources is needed. You need real money to do that. However, King of Avalon mod apk provides you with unlimited unlocked resources. You will have fully upgraded heroes, emblems, and dragons that will help you to rule Avalon.

Features of King of Avalon Mod APK

Unlimited Gold

King of Avalon features several upgradable that helps you in the battle. We continuously need to upgrade heroes, emblems to fight against the elites. You need to employ real money to buy gold from the in-game marketplace. But who likes to spend their hard-earned money on buying gold? No one. But the mod apk will let you start the game will limitless gold. Spend it according to your liking and stay ahead of your opponent.

Unlimited Iron/Silver/Food/Wood

When you play King of Avalon, you will quickly notice the necessity of Iron, Silver, food, and wood. These are essential components of the game. Each item is responsible for the betterment of your kingdom. Wood is for upgrading buildings. You need to purchase and install wood production machinery in your kingdom to get a regular supply. Likewise, you need food to keep your troops well fed. Well-fed troops will help you win in a battle. Iron and Silver are essential for upgrading buildings and mines. It takes a lot of time to produce the needed materials. With the King of Avalon mod apk, you will have an abundance of these resources. Start the game with limitless items and upgrade to the highest level.

All heroes unlocked

Every Epic, Regular, and Rare heroes are unlocked in the mod apk. Use your favorite from the start. All dragon skills are unlocked. Upgrading the dragon can be challenging. But with the mod apk, you get a fully skilled dragon. Use it for clever drills during battles.

Completely Safe

The King of Avalon Mod apk is checked and doesn’t cause any harm to your device. Being completely safe to download, you can always trust on the modded apk.

No Need of Rooting

You no longer need to root your device to enjoy this strategy-battle masterpiece. Just install the game, and play as much as you want.

Reign Over Your Enemies

Gamers who enjoy war-based strategy games will enjoy King of Avalon mod apk. The mod version provides all features unlocked. Therefore, you will not face any obstacles while planning your next enterprise. Dragon is easily a distinct feature of any kingdom. An entirely upgraded dragon will make your attack more lethal. So, what are you waiting for? Download, install and start your expedition.

How to Download & Install Mod Apk?

If you download and install the mod APK, just follow the steps below, before downloading and installing mod APK, make sure you have enabled the unknown source.

  • Download the modded app from the download link above, you need high-speed internet to download it fast.
  • Uninstall the previous version of the same app if installed.
  • Install the mod APK that we have provided, once installed open and enjoy the free and premium versions.


I hope you have successfully downloaded and installed king of Avalon mod APK. King of Avalon is a medieval fantasy game based on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Build a mighty city, raise a great army, master the arts of war and strategy, train your dragon and conquer your enemies and opponents. Join the strongest and powerful multiplayer alliances to increase your power and slay your enemies. So what are you waiting for? Download mod APK now!

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