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PES 2021 MOD APK v5.4.0 + Data For Android (Latest Version)


For Android mobile phone users, Konami has launched the all-new football PES 2021. PES 2021 MOD APK, a modified version of this game with so many advanced features is also here to make the gameplay easy. 

To install the PES 2021 MOD APK on your device, free space of at least 1.7GB is a must. However, the size of the PES 2021 MOD APK zip file is around 94MB. But, when unzipped, it expands up to 1.7GB. Additionally, your device must support an Android version above 5.0. 

What Interesting Has PES 2021 MOD APK Brought For Football Lovers?

In addition to some basic and usual features of previous versions of eFootball PES MOD APK, there are many recently added features in the latest version, PES 2021 MOD APK v5.4.0. Here are some of the best features of this sports game.

Real-time Online Matches With Special Controls

The rules in this game are almost the same as real football. With the help of online multiplayer workability, a player can play against other players. However, in football mode, a player has to play online matches as part of a team. Here, the real-time gameplay and some special and unique techniques of players give you a realistic feel of a football sports game. Contrary to this, most of the games have only basic buttons with the same kind of techniques. But, to play the PES 2021 MOD APK football game, you need an active internet connection. Anyways, the Kickoff mode supports offline gameplay. 

Barcelona, Arsenal, And Several Other Real Football Clubs In The Same PES 2021 MOD APK

No wonder if this game lets you play multiplayer mode as well as real-time matches. No wonder if some special techniques are there to make the game more challenging and realistic. But, having Barcelona, Arsenal, and several other real football clubs with famous players in the same game is surprising.

Just select any country and collect your favorite players and train them with special techniques for real-time matches. You will have rare players like- Christiano Ronaldo, Messy, Maradona, David Beckham, and many other football stars here in PES 2021 MOD APK. It is sufficient to make up a football lover’s mind to install this game and play it. 

One can purchase these players through player packs in the shop of this football game. In each player pack, you will get an iconic moment series football player, 2 blackball special agents, a pack of myClub coins, and one original menu theme. 

All-new Camera Modes For A Better View

In the previous versions of the PES eFootball game, there was a range of 12 multiple camera angles but, in the latest version of the PES 2021 MOD APK, Konami is providing three more different camera modes. These three new modes are- Dynamic Wide, Live Broadcast, and Stadium mode. First, the dynamic wide mode in which a side camera horizontally moves and chases the ball. It’s great to play with the zero zoom in the dynamic wide camera mode. Second, the live broadcast mode in which a camera captures the football match view from a single spot near the center of the ground. The way how it records feels like a TV broadcast. And, the third one is the stadium mode where a side-view camera records everything in a horizontal motion from the top of the stadium.

Newly Added Game Modes

Whereas in the 2019 and 2020 versions of this game, there was a total of 7 modes including Local Match, Kickoff, Co-op, myClub, football, Online Tournaments, and Training modes, but in the PES 2021 MOD APK, Matchday mode has been added. This matchday mode lets you participate in several football events against powerful rivals. Thus, a variety of game modes in the same PES 2021 MOD APK is more than sufficient to maintain your interest. Explore and play new game modes against powerful opponents.

Unlimited Money And Ad-free Gameplay

Other than the above-mentioned features, this game comes with unlimited money. Thus, you can refill the health and stamina of players anytime. Moreover, purchasing new player packs has become easier with unlimited coins. Unlike the original version of this game, you won’t see any ads here in PES 2021 MOD APK’s latest mobile version. 

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