A battle game easily reminds you of mighty soldiers, colliding swords, and powerful weapons. Top War MOD APK, a modified version of a battle game named Top War by Topwar Studios, is much more than that.

Fascinating Features Of Top War MOD APK

Here are a few fascinating features of Top War MOD APK that distinguish it from other conventional battle games.

Win Opponent Land And Build Your Own Empire

Not only is combat against your opponents sufficient here, but you also have to captivate their land after defeating them in combat. Top War MOD APK allows you to captivate your opponent’s land to build your own empire there.

Top War MOD APK Means Unlimited Money And Gems

With further progress in the game, you need to upgrade your game elements, their powerups, and several other things too. A player has to spend his gems or coins on upgrades. In Top War MOD APK, one gets unlimited gems and coins so that purchasing upgrades may become easier. For unlocking new in-game accessories, you won’t have to wait to collect the required number of coins or gems.

Not Limited To Just Ground Combat

In most of the battle games, one has to do the whole campaign as ground combat. In the beginning, it feels fascinating but, after some time, it becomes boring. In Top War MOD APK, players are free to set up their army, air force, and navy. Thus, it allows you to attack your enemy with any fighting style. But, it doesn’t mean that your enemy is weak. Your enemy also has the same permissions. So, be attentive while combat is taking place. This feature makes Top War more realistic and enjoyable than other battle games.

Freedom To Select Emotes

Emotes are essential in making gameplay more interesting and realistic. In a few previous versions of Top War MOD APK, players are not free to choose emotes but in the latest version (v1.182.1), players are free to select emotes according to their choice.

Construct A Grand Military Base For Your Soldiers

As you proceed in the game, your military strength multiplies. While fighting against your mighty enemies, the health and power-ups of your soldiers decrease. So, in the initial stages of the game, when you capture your opponent’s land, build a military base there for training, rest, and stay of the soldiers. With further achievements and victories, your military base will be upgraded and several facilities will be added up to it.

Merge The Elements And Upgrade Them

In case you have the same type of elements more than required, this feature is very astonishing. Whenever you try to merge two soldiers of less power, they will turn into mighty soldiers. Moreover, if you merge these two mighty soldiers, they will make up a tank spur of the moment. With this feature, you can upgrade other in-game elements similarly.

Invite Your Friends And Make It More Interesting

Playing with unknown players doesn’t sound very interesting but what if your friend is playing with you? Yes, Top War MOD APK allows you to invite your friends to play with you. However, the option of random team-building with the player across the globe is always open for you. But, playing with your friends may be so interesting that probably you want to play two more sessions after completing one.

100 Percent Working Gift Codes In Top War MOD APK 2021 (v1.182.1)

In such an interesting game, if you get some extra rewards with help of gift codes, your excitement will be on seventh heaven. Here, we are mentioning 5 genuine working gift codes in the latest version of Top War MOD APK.
To use these gift codes, first launch your Top War game and go to the settings. Go to the gift code section and enter the gift codes given below one by one.






Using TOPWAR0401, you get two gifts whereas 2021INYGIFTS and vividarmy621 offer you three gifts including 100 red gems. Besides it, Wissenswert and topwar888 give you 200 red gems.

Why are you still waiting? All you need is a device working on Android v4.2 or above with 142 MB of free space, that’s it.
So, download the latest version of Top War MOD APK and get ready to win opponent lands and build your empire.

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